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Summer Challenge Throwdown 2021 is a one-day international competition in functional fitness in Slovakia and the competition is the part of unique Open Air Gym Fitness Festival® that connects all sport and fitness enthusiasts in one day in one place. In its 8. year, it will yet again stand apart as a true test of fitness and fortitude. Athletes will be required to perform tough workouts that push their resolve, technical abilities and physical capabilities to the limit.

Incorporating gymnastic movements, weightlifting, endurance and many other movements into the programming, this will be a great challenge and a fierce competition set on an international stage. Its finals are taking place 21. August 2021. Winners of the RX category will share a total cash prize of 2000€.

Want to compete?

It is open to any athlete (regardless of ability) anywhere in the world who is looking for a good challenge. With divisions ranging from RX, Sport, Masters, Mix Couples it is open to you whatever your background, age and experience level.



  • RX Men
  • RX Women
  • Rx Master Men 35+


  • Sport Men
  • Sport Women
  • Sport Master Men 35+
  • Sport Mix couples


This year the registration will be on FIRST come FIRST served basis with NO qualification round! Registration window will be available from 30.6.2021 till 10.8.2021 or until spots are sold out.

Finals’ dates breakdown:

21. August 2021 finals for all categories


So you are keen to compete? Then here is all the information you will need in order to get signed up and start throwing down!

This is an event that requires a paid registration.

Online registration will be on a FIRST come FIRST served basis! Registration will be possible till 10.8.2021 or until the spots in the category are sold out via www.isturdy.com.

The registration gives you the privilege to compete in Summer Challenge Throwdown 2021.

All personal information must be entered for each athlete separately. Please ensure the correct contact email address is entered for each athlete as this will be our main form of communication! Please double check that it’s correct if you’re entering on behalf of someone else!

Registration fee for each registration per category:

RX Category:

  • RX Men – 50€
  • RX Women – 50€
  • Rx Master Men 35+ – 50€

SPORT Category:

  • Sport Men – 40€
  • Sport Women – 40€
  • Sport Master Men 35+ – 40€
  • Sport couples – 80€

You are able to get 1 registration per each category. The registration fee is NOT refundable.

In case that the athlete will not be able to participate in the finals on 21.08.2021, the athlete has the opportunity to send a compensation for himself, which will reimburse the fee. Such a change must be made at least 10 days before the date of the competition.


in case of a ban issued by the Government of the Slovak Republic to organize mass events, sports, cultural, social or other, due to the aggravation of the pandemic Covid situation, the ORGANIZER will REFUND registration fees to athletes in full, except for fees related to the transactions.


Summer Challenge Throwdown 2021 Leaderboard will be live throughout the finals and will be updated as scores are submitted. The official partner an manager of registration and leaderbord is www.isturdy.com.

Maximum capacity of athletes for the finals in each division:

  • 24 RX Men
  • 16 RX Women
  • 16  RX Masters Men 35+
  • 32 SPORT Men
  • 16 SPORT Women
  • 16 SPORT Masters Men 35+
  • 24 SPORT Mix couples – 1 Men + 1 Women

In case that some of the category will be canceled because of the limit of the category is not full, the other categories will be advanced.


What everything is contained in starting fee for athletes as a bonus:

  • Starting present bags from our partners and sponzors
  • Free drinking regime
  • Competition merch as Shirts
  • Free wifi
  • Free phone charging stations
  • Chill zone
  • Cryotherapy
  • Changing rooms and showers

Entrance fee / Spectators ticket:

One day entry9€ / person
One-day entry child (6-12 years) and seniors from 60 years4.50€ / person
One day entry child (0-6 years)FREE



A total cash prize of 2000€ will be given to the winners of Summer Challenge Throwdown 2021 RX category! In addition to this sponsors' gifts will be given. Specifically:

RX Category:

 1. place2. place3. place
RX Men425 €200 €100 €
RX Women425 €200 €100 €
RX Masters Men 35+325 €150 €75 €

SPORT Category:

 1. place2. place3. place
SPORT MenGiftsGiftsGifts
SPORT WomenGiftsGiftsGifts
SPORT Masters Men 35+GiftsGiftsGifts
SPORT mix CouplesGiftsGiftsGifts
  • All prizes are subject to applicable taxes and withholding and prize winner’s compliance with an agreement to Summer Challenge Throwdown prize
  • Additional prizes may be presented by partners, sponsors or selected vendors and all such prizes are subject to applicable taxes and withholding and compliance with an agreement to Summer Challenge’s prize
  • All physical prizes must be collected by the winning athlete and team at the event. If prizes need to be shipped after the event, the athlete and team may be subject to charges for shipping.

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