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Crossfit Summer Challenge



Summer Challenge 2019 is a two-day international competition in functional fitness in Slovakia. In its 5. year, it will yet again stand apart as a true test of fitness and fortitude. Athletes will be required to perform tough workouts that push their resolve, technical abilities and physical capabilities to the limit. Incorporating gymnastic movements, weightlifting, endurance and many other movements into the programming, this will be a great challenge and a fierce competition set on an international stage. Its finals are taking place 20.-21 July 2019. Winners of the RX category will share a total cash prize of 5000€.


It is open to any athlete (regardless of ability) anywhere in the world who is looking for a good challenge. The qualifying workouts will only require a basic amount of equipment in order to compete. With divisions ranging from Elite, Sport, Masters, Couples and Teams, it is open to you whatever your background, age and experience level.


  1. RX Men
  2. RX Women
  3. Rx Master Men 35+
  4. Rx Master Women 35+
  5. Rx Teams 2 + 2

  1. Sport Men
  2. Sport Women
  3. Sport Master Men 35+
  4. Sport Master Women 35+
  5. Sport Mix couples


There will be 1 qualification workout which will be announced on 27/05/2019, 05:00am (Slovak local time). All athletes must submit their scores on their profil thrue until 09/06/2019, 11.59pm (Slovak local time). The best athletes from the online qualification will be invited to take part in the finals on 20.-21 July 2019.

Finals’ dates breakdown: 

20.-21 July 2019 finals for all categories


Standards & Description
Score Sheet


So you are keen to compete? Then here is all the information you will need in order to get signed up and start throwing down!

This is an event that requires a paid registration.

The registration gives you the privilege to compete in Summer Challenge 2019 online qualifiers. There will be 1 qualifying workout set from 27.5.2019 5:00am till 09.06.2019 11.59pm. The athletes can submit their score as many time they want till deadline on their profile thrue

Registrations for event will remain open until 07/06/2019, 11.59pm Slovak local time.

All personal information must be entered for each athlete separately. Please ensure the correct contact email address is entered for each athlete as this will be our main form of communication! Please double check that it’s correct if you’re entering on behalf of someone else!

Registration fee for each registration per category:

RX Category

  • RX Men - 15€
  • RX Women - 15€
  • Rx Master Men 35+ - 15€
  • Rx Master Women 35+ - 15€
  • Rx Mix Teams 2+2 - 60€

SPORT Category

  • Sport Men - 15€
  • Sport Women - 15€
  • Sport Master Men 35+ - 15€
  • Sport Master Women 35+ - 15€
  • Sport Mix couples - 30€

You are able to get 1 registration per each category. The registration fee is NOT refundable.


Athletes and teams who qualify based on their performance in the Online Qualifiers will complete multiple workouts over consecutive days at the same location.

Summer Challenge 2019 Leaderboard will be live throughout the qualifiers and finals and will be updated as scores are submitted. At the end of the qualifiers and finals, athletes will receive an overall ranking. The official partner an manager of registration, qualification and leaderbord is

Maximum capacity of athletes who qualify to the finals in each division:

  • 20 RX Men
  • 10 RX Women
  • 10 RX Masters Men 35+
  • 10 RX Masters Women 35+
  • 10 RX Mix Teams 2 Men + 2 Women
  • 20 SPORT Men
  • 10 SPORT Women
  • 10 SPORT Masters Men 35+
  • 10 SPORT Masters Women 35+
  • 10 SPORT couples – 1 Man + 1 Woman

In case that some of the category will be canceled because of the limit of the category is not full, the other categories will be advanced.

Starting fee in finals per category:

RX Category

  • RX Men - 30€
  • RX Women - 30€
  • RX Masters Men 35+ - 30€
  • RX Masters Women 35+ - 30€
  • RX Mix teams 2 + 2 - 120€

SPORT Category

  • SPORT Men - 30€
  • SPORT Women - 30€
  • SPORT Masters Men 35+ - 30€
  • SPORT Masters Women 35+ - 30€
  • Sport Mix couples – 60€

Contact Details: 

CrossFit Redoubt / Michal Kiss MKT
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